We have the best range of choices in education for today’s children who face new challenges in a rapidly changing world.Our educational consultants will guide you as to the best choice for your child. We are futuristic in our approach and provide a holistic education looking beyond rote learning and mere academic emphasis to help transform a child into a good human being and well-adjusted member of society.

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CLASS                        NUR     LKG      UKG          I             II           III            IV         V              VI          VII       VIII        IX        X

MONTHLY FEE        550       650       750         750        900      900      1000       1000       1100      1100     1350     1450     1650


Registration Fee (Non-refundable)      100/-


Admission Fee (Non-refundable)         00/-

Security Fee (Refundable)                    00/

Transport Fee                                        600/-